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The Download Centre for this CRYSTAL Alberta Outreach website contains classroom resources/prototypes and supporting research documents. The classroom resources/prototypes are typically exercises or lessons to be used in K-12 classrooms. The mathematics and science resources are classified as text-based (textual) or visuals-based (visualizations). Some resources have a combination of text and visuals.

  • mathematics textual resources and research
  • mathematics visual resources and research
  • science textual resources and research
  • science visual resources and research

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CRYSTAL Alberta is a research and development project that creates and tests prototypes/resources for use in K-12 classrooms. The prototypes focus on promoting mathematics and science reasoning and deep understanding.

The copyright for the exercises is owned by CRYSTAL Alberta and its affilliates—NSERC (the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council), KCVS (King's Centre for Visualization in Science), the University of Alberta, and The King's University College. The exercises may be used in classrooms but cannot be used (without permission) for commercial purposes. The prototypes are meant to be copied/replicated for their ideas and purpose.